Report misconduct

IMS staff, partners, beneficiaries and members of public are encouraged to report suspicion of misconduct by IMS staff and partner organisations with financial support from IMS. IMS defines misconduct as abuse of trust, power or position for improper gain.

Please report if:

  • You suspect corruption, nepotism, fraud or other mismanagement of funds by IMS or organisations funded by IMS.
  • You’ve witnessed or experienced bullying, discrimination based on e.g. sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, disability or other grounds or sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.
  • You are aware of other unethical conduct by IMS staff or partners.

When reporting, please include as detailed as possible what happened, when, where and who were involved.

To file a report, follow this link.

All reports are received and managed by the law firm Lund Elmer Sandager. All inquiries are treated confidentially, and you can also report anonymously. When you make a report, Lund Elmer Sandager receives the report. Lund Elmer Sandager has a duty of confidentiality regarding your identity in handling the cases and they have fixed processes for processing the report. Read more about the whistleblower platform here.

Read IMS’ Code of Ethics in English, French and Arabic here.

Read IMS’ Whistleblower Policy in English here.

Read more about our efforts to remain transparent in our work with partners and donors on our Accountability page.